Mission Statement

A title and escrow company motivated by exceptional customer service, efficiency, innovative technology, entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to excellence above all others. A company that offers a quality product with excellent service and turn around timeframes that differentiates itself from its competitors as the best not the biggest. A Company that does not over-react to market conditions or competitor actions. A Company that is reliable and strives to improve the quality of life for employees. A Company not strangled by cost control measures; instead, monitors critical expense areas to ensure bottom line success. A company which empowers its talented employee group to call upon and use their many talents to shape and positively influence all aspects of the company direction.

We want to be a company that:

  • Is built on relationships with long-term customers;

  • Provides quality service, which allows us to grow;

  • Interacts with our customers to be everything we can to assure they have a pleasant experience;

  • Pays attention to our people; training them to be more effective and better equipped to serve our customers;

  • Looks for change in all areas and makes it a driving force;

  • Is technologically progressive and innovative;

  • Recognizes our civic responsibility;

  • Has a spirit of entrepreneurship that comes from seeing ourselves as a partner with our clients. When they do well, we will do well.

  • All goals and objectives must be achieved in an ethical, moral manner and in strict accordance with all laws, rules and regulations and Code of Conduct contained herein.

  • Respect the rights of all individuals, employees, customers and those who provide us with services and supplies.

  • Achieves an attractive return on investment which will generate the capital necessary to protect present jobs and create new jobs and opportunities.

Premier American Title Agency seeks to be the best title company and employer as viewed by customers, employees and the competition.

Corporate Office
3571 E. Sunset Rd., Suite 111
Las Vegas, NV 89120
Main: 702-947-6777
Fax: 800-882-9315